Known Pineal Surgeons

Please keep in mind all the surgeons listed below have been known to perform pineal cyst removals and each are recommended by many people. They all use different surgical approaches, are located in different areas, and all charge different amounts.
THESE ARE NOT THE ONLY ONES IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, but these are the surgeons I’ve personally seen provide positive surgical outcomes.

If you are suffering with a symptomatic pineal cyst and none of your doctors will help you, please reach out to one of the wonderful surgeons listed below. They are very knowledgeable in the area and can provide you with guidance. JUST BECAUSE YOU CONSULT, DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TO HAVE BRAIN SURGERY! Start off with what they recommend and go from there.

Dr. Charles Teo; New South Wales, 2031 Australia (keyhole endoscopic) A neurosurgeon specializing in minimally invasive brain surgeries, and the only surgeon in all of Australia to perform this surgery.  Phone: 02 9650 4818 or 02 9650 4940

Dr. Sunil Patel; Charleston, South Carolina (crainotomy) Dr. Patel has only performed this surgery on a few people that I know, but his patients love him! He does a craniotomy if he feels he needs to, but can do a less invasive approach as well. Phone: 843-792-2423    Website:

Dr. Ian Dunn; Boston, Massachusetts (craniotomy) Dr. Dunn works out of Brigham & Women’s Hospital and is known to remove pineal cysts very successfully. He is usually more reserved on who he picks which I appreciate – I’ve seen him recommend treatments or other testing to be done then re-evaluates in 6 months to see if he feels surgery will be of benefit to you. Phone: 617-732-5633

Dr. Dong Kim; Houston, Texas (craniotomy) Dr. Kim has been performing pineal cyst removals for over a year now and has done close to 300 removals. He performs a partial craniotomy and does an occipitical transtenrotial approach, going in above the occipital lobe. He used to do phone consults but now only does in-office consultations in Houston.  Phone: 713-704-7100  Website:

Dr. Pankaj Gore; Portland, Oregon (endoscopic craniotomy) Dr. Gore operates out of OHSU in Portland and has a few published research papers on pineal cysts and their symptoms and he has performed this surgery a few times recently for members of the support group and definitely on members outside of the support group too. He is highly recommended among his patients and does excellent work. Phone: 530-935-8500  Website:




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